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Deductible Reimbursement

What it is

Program that reimburses out of pocket deductibles for automobile insurance policies. 

Who is covered

Program covers all members and automobiles of a household, including RVs. 

Fine print

  • ​​No reimbursement for losses prior to enrollment in program

  • Claim must be filed, approved, and paid by/with primary insurance carrier

  • Total claim must exceed deductible on primary insurance policy

  • No reimbursement for claims that fall within deductible, or waived deductible

  • Commercial or vehicles used for hire/rideshare are not eligible

  • Full terms and conditions available upon request


​​Types of vehicles included

  • 4 or 6 wheeled automobile

  • ATV

  • Motorcycle

  • Snowmobile

  • Boat

  • PWC

  • RV

What is needed for a proposal

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*Insurance policies backed by carriers rated "A" or better by A.M. Best 

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